Beatitude [Archives:2006/927/Community]

March 9 2006

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

A saintly soul calls on

Tantrums of my sniveling to conclude

Love can't be hurt by the blameless nature

But inspiring a soul of Beatitude

What a Beautiful Creature!

Generous-minded resides in a good feature

Never be ugly and rude

Love does not shilly-shally to shadow your divine route

Let my soul discern your love's attitude

It is found in the profundity of Beatitude

God's Love is primordial and absolute

Only For Him my great survival gratitude

Sanctuary of our Love is really large and huge

Her lips' fruit juice embellished the blush of berries

What a gorgeous fluid!

Emerald can't survive without her eyes' crude

Ethereal Heavenly Beatitude!

Her lullaby song sleeps on love's babyhood

When dark spirit hears her alluring mantra

Suddenly becoming brightly white and cute

As if she melts our sighs by playing flute

So her beatific cheeks stimulate my heart's lute

Diving in sonata of spirit as a great loon

Kindheartedly tying the knot of glassy star

With diluted moon

Moon can slumber soundly and feel satisfied

When she endows our world by her face's light