Beautiful sceneryEid in Hodeidah’s surroundings [Archives:2004/793/Community]

November 25 2004
Families with their children celebrating Eidl al-Fitr in Hodeidah
Families with their children celebrating Eidl al-Fitr in Hodeidah
By Abdulwahab Al Sofi
For the YemenTimes
[email protected]

After we had fasted during the blessed month Ramadan, we as Moslems enjoyed Eid Alftir. All people in Yemen commemorate this occasion every year. This commemoration differs from place and from one governorate to an other.
In Hodeidah there are many entertaining resorts which people can enjoy after finishing Eid. People accompany their children to the Eid oratory after they wear new clothes in the early morning to perform the Eid prayer.
Then they have to visit their relatives to shake hands and congratulate each other on this occasion. Sweets and juice are prepared for visitors. Many kinds of sweets and juice are introduced to the visitors who are either neighbours, relatives or friends.
In addition to that, families assemble together to have the lunch. Relatives and friends invite each others on the next day of Eid to have lunch and then chew Qat together. This of course, strengthens the relationship among families and relatives.
That is why, all malice's and antipathy expire from people, as Ramadan erases sins from fasting people. Eid Alfitr comes to obliterate all that malice's and hate. In Hodiedah, most families leave their homes and go to celebrate their happiness on the sea coast, parks, gardens and many other little far resorts.
They can go to many entertaining places such as Al Org resort whish is about 40kg far of Hodeidah city on the Al Saleef road and Bura's mountain which takes an hour and half by the car.
There are also many fantastic farms in Bajil's suburb. Cornice stretches on the sea coast of the city. There, people breathe pure air and can commune with silence and stillness of the sea at a time.
They also can listen to the weaves din shattered on the shore's rocks at an other time.On the coast, the majority of people come to enjoy the wonderful golden sightliness at the sunset where people meditate the mystery of the sea.
Some people prefer to spend their entertainment, in gardens or parks where children can enjoy the green and the games. There, families can also relax under the shade of excessive trees.
This is aside from the children who wear new colorful clothes playing on the green grass, increase all prettier. Children really decorate the place as if a beautiful picture was painted carefully.
There is nothing more beautiful than children when their gladness begets wide sweaty smiles. Their smiles even help make fill us with comfort and renew our hope.
Many happy Eid and many happy returns!