Before the end of the tournament: 1999 Excellent Football Tournament Champion: Ahli Sanaa [Archives:1999/29/Sports]

July 19 1999

In all the levels of the tournament Al-Ahli Sanaa has proven to be the best team, and will stand alone at the top in the excellent tournament of football this year. Last Saturday, Al-Ahli defeated Shaab Al-Mokala 3/2 in an exciting, strong and tense match. 
With this win, Ahli-Sanaa leads the teams of the tournament with 65 points. No one else can reach that level in the games remaining Hence, Ahli-Sanaa becomes the champion of the tournament before the tournament has even come to an end. The other teams are now competing for the second and third places as they have lost all of their hopes for the first spot. 
The results of the excellent tournament of this year 1999 so far are as indicated in the table on the right: 
The following is the schedule of the dates and places of the matches to be played in the last week of the tournament: 
Sunday 18-7-99 
Shaab Ibb vs. Wahda Sanaa (Ibb) 
Zuhra vs. Hilal of Hodeidah (Hodeidah) 
Tilal vs. Saqr (Aden) 
Taleha vs. Wahda Aden (Taiz) 
Tuesday 20-7-99 
Majd vs. Shaab of Mukallah (Sanaa) 
Wednesday 21-7-99 
Wahda of Aden vs. Ittihad of Ibb (Aden) 
Thursday 22-7-99 
Wahda of Sanaa vs. Shullah of Aden (Sanaa) 
Shaab of Ibb vs. Ahli of Sanaa (Ibb) 
Saqr of Taiz vs. Hassan of Abyan (Taiz) 
Tilal vs. Hilal of Hodeidah (Aden) 
Zuhra vs. Shullah (Sanaa)