Belgian mission concludes artificial limb training [Archives:2006/910/Local News]

January 9 2006

ADEN, Jan. 4 – The Belgian mission in Aden concluded training and qualifying sessions January 2 on artificial limb procedures within the past five years. Thirteen people were trained at the Center for Persons with Special Needs.

General Health and Population manager Dr. Alkidir Nasser addressed the appreciation ceremony. He praised the Belgian mission's efforts in training and qualifying Yemeni staff to help treat the disabled. They helped many overcome their disabilities. Nasser assured that Aden's health office will direct care of the disabled to these trainees so it will continue in a good manner.

The Belgian mission's medical head for artificial limbs expressed her gratitude for cooperation during their work. She also expressed happiness for the facilities the center furnished in overcoming obstacles they met.

Certificates were awarded to distinctive students at the end of the ceremony. Laila Ba-Shomail, manager of the Center for Persons with Special Needs, and Ioub Abubakr, Work and Social Affairs general manager, also attended the ceremony.