Belgian Publisher Introduces Yemen to the World [Archives:1997/48/Culture]

December 1 1997

Amyris-Servidet is a Belgian publishing house which specializes in books on the Middle East and North Africa. Over the last twenty years, it has published numerous books on Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania. This house has also published seven books about Yemen. A signing party of the Amyris’s latest publication – Yemeni Architecture and Daily Life by Jose-Marie Bel – was held on Monday 24th of November at the French Cultural Center in Sanaa. Amyris’s consultant editor, Mr. Benoit de Patoul said, “We see Yemen as a country rich with civilization and heritage, and deserves our attention by publishing books about it. Many Europeans, for instance, heard about Queen Bilquis, but do not know where she lived.”
In addition to books, Amyris publishes a French-language quarterly review magazine entitled Saba. It covers Yemeni art, literature, history in southern Arabia. This magazine is published under the supervision of several prominent French, Belgian and Lebanese specialists. Among them, the name of Christian Robin stands out. Two issues of the magazine have already come out. The theme of the first issue is aromatics such as incense and perfumes, and the second about Wadi Hadhramaut. The next February issue is about architecture in Zabeed. “We believe that the our modest efforts in distributing these books in various parts of the world will introduce Yemen to an increasing number of readers all over the world,” said Mr. Patoul.