Belgium Tells it Like it Is: Murder is Murder Anyway you Cloak It [Archives:2001/28/Focus]

July 9 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Undoubtedly, the decision to put Ariel Sharon on trial was not an easy one for the Belgian judicial authorities. However, surely, when a law says that any world leader is not free from prosecution for causing harm to humanity and for disgracing the strides in civilization man has achieved, tan that law must be applied, no matter who that world leader is. It is no secret that Ariel Sharon has no love for peace or for the sanctity of innocent lives, for even the Israelis themselves could not stomach the atrocity of the crime that was engineered by Ariel Sharon in the Sabra and Shatila Camps West of Beirut. Soon after perpetrating the crime, 400,000 Israelis protested the heinous crime of their Minister of Defense and marched openly expressing their disgust at the gory bloodthirstiness of one of the most militant Israeli leaders.
It is not clear as to what the proceedings will entail, and can the Belgian authorities in fact manage to avenge the death of hundreds of Palestinians killed while half of them were still asleep, while the other half were probably under the assumption that they were going through a nightmare. Close to 600 persons lost their lives under the hands of Lebanese contract killers who were coaxed and guided by Ariel Sharon and the top brass of the Israeli “Defense Forces”, who had never made it clear to this day what they were doing in Lebanon in the first place.
For sure, the Belgian Government has been put to a hard test by this heroic judicial decision, after having made the heroic stance of deciding that any citizen of the world can have recourse to Belgian judicial due process of law, if a world leader steps out of line and thinks he can enjoy sovereign immunity while at the same time enjoying his penchant taste for blood.
Undoubtedly, Ariel Sharon may have faced his most embarrassing moments of his life as he toured around Europe last week, trying to show that he was a “world leader” hopping all over Europe, shaking hands with other world leaders, but not daring to step into little Belgium, because his cowardly streak came to surface, especially as he knows that Belgium is not the United States, where he once sued Time Magazine for having shown a clear connection between the murdering Sharon and the massacre in Sabra and Shatila, and thanks to the powerful Zionist lobby in the United States, he won the suit, forcing Time Magazine to issue an apology, although for sure Time could not refute the obvious truth of its story and had it had any doubts about the contents of the report, it would not have published it. But justice in America is based on money and power, and quite often those who have the power and money that the American Zionist lobby have on their side will never have to worry about the right side of the coin of justice.
So, now Ariel Sharon has now demonstrated his humanitarian feelings by reminding the world that only Jews have been the victims of persecution, as he jumped from one holocaust memorial to another, trying to make it tough for the Belgian judicial authorities and reminding them that they can drag along any world leader in these hints of media publicity.
One must still however commend the Belgian officials, who were later interviewed by Reporters to express their views on the action taken by their judicial authorities. There was not one official who saw any reason why Sharon should not stand trial under the Law their legislators have passed, knowing the awesome responsibility that they have laid to rest on the shoulders of the Belgian judiciary, when considering how much oppression and lawlessness is perpetrated by world leaders on their people as well as people of other nationalities.
The Israeli Minister of Justice went on the air in CNN to tell the world that Belgium had no right to carry out such proceedings against the Israeli leader, but when Jonathan Mann of CNN reminded the Minister that the Israelis had carried out similar actions against alleged Nazis whom they chased all over the world and tried them in Israel, the Minister could not answer to defend his position, but beat around the bush.
For sure, the Belgians will not find it difficult to find clear linkages between Sharon and Sabra and Shatila as there are still survivors and all the evidence indicates that at the least the Israelis Army had the power and ability to prevent such an ugly massacre, if they claim not to have any connection with it, which is what all the evidence indicates otherwise.
One should be reminded that the Sabra and Shatila massacres were not the first to be perpetrated by the Israelis, for it was by carrying out several Sabras and Shatilas in Palestine and Sinai and Syria, they were able to terrorize the indigenous population of Palestine to leave their homes fearing for their lives after what the Israelis had done in Deir Yassin and other villages against the helpless unarmed civilian inhabitants, and it there is sufficient evidence to bring a lot of Israelis to war crimes tribunals, which is now the first time the Israelis will begin to feel that their wrong will finally become exposed and may belie all the myths which Zionist propaganda has been disseminating in the democratic West about their civility and sense of humanitarian feelings.
Even if Sharon does not come to Belgium to complete the proceedings that he must go through just like any other criminal, it is still a good sign that the Belgians have finally put up for e world to see; there is no such thing as immunity from justice because without justice then there is no civility in any society and it is time for all mankind to work together to weed out all the criminals who have clouded their crimes with political legitimacy and organized establishments that think that money and influence can cover up their evil schemes and intentions. Perhaps Time Magazine should have appealed the ruling against the Magazine, which it knows fully well was no more than a gross misrepresentation of justice, which the Zionist regime and its international regime thrives on and propagates.