Between Taha Hamood & Co. and MICROSOFTBusiness inaugurated & Partnership celebrated [Archives:2003/637/Reportage]

May 26 2003
Mohamed Taha Hamood Al-Hashimi<br><br>Managing Partner’/><figcaption>Mohamed Taha Hamood Al-Hashimi<br><br>Managing Partner</figcaption></figure></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class="wp-block-image"><figure class=Hisham Mohamed Taha Hamood<br><br>Marketing & PR Executive’/><figcaption>Hisham Mohamed Taha Hamood<br><br>Marketing & PR Executive</figcaption></figure></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class="wp-block-image"><figure class=Hussein Al-Shaikh<br><br>Channel Manager-Microsoft Middle East’/><figcaption>Hussein Al-Shaikh<br><br>Channel Manager-Microsoft Middle East</figcaption></figure></div></td></tr><tr><td><div class="wp-block-image"><figure class=Group photo of the staff
Group photo of the staff
Mr. Mohamed Taha hamood giving a press statement
Mr. Mohamed Taha hamood giving a press statement
On Sunday 18th May, Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co. celebrated a unique partnership with the world's largest company “Microsoft”.
The celebration was a dinner party held at the Taj Sheba Hotel where a number of high profile guests, diplomats, reporters and a representative from Microsoft have attended.
At the party, Mohamed Taha Hamood Al- Hashimi, Managing Partner of the company gave a brief introduction on his company and its achievements and the benefit of this partnership for Yemen.
“This is a historic relationship where the largest company in the world (Microsoft) joined hands with a local company in Yemen. This signals that Yemen is heading to the electronic age in line with the other countries of the world”, he quoted.
Mr. Hussein Al- Shaikh, Channel Manager- Microsoft Middle East, gave a brief demo on the services and the clients that have used Microsoft Business Solutions and how Microsoft was able to get more than 850 clients in the Middle East in less than a year and a half.
“Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co. has been one of the leading auditing firms in Yemen for the past 13 years and now we have another partner that we are proud of that will make us lead the business solutions market in Yemen and make sure that Yemen's market receives the exact quality service that you would expect from any international organization.
There is no need to get people from abroad to implement a certain solution for your business anymore. We have a full Microsoft Certified Team that is equipped and ready to make sure that Yemen has local support which will save the client's time and money and we are sure that they will prove us right.
We are known to provide international standard services and we want to preserve our market's trust in us. That is why we have invested heavily in this new partnership and once again we will prove to the market that we are still at our best no matter what field we go into”, said Hisham Mohamed Taha Hamood Al- Hashimi, Marketing & PR Executive of the company.
The celebration was concluded with Mr. Mohamed Taha Hamood Al- Hashimi's declaration of the beginning of the partnership by cutting the cake and opening the buffet.
And by that, Mohamed Taha Hamood & Co. and Microsoft Business Solutions are now officially active in the Republic of Yemen.