Beware of Environment Pollution [Archives:2001/33/Health]

August 13 2001

Nabeel Mustafa Mahdi
Water accounts for a larger portion to that of land. The marine life is a distinguished one since it has a diversified and lots of creatures.
In the following paragraph we will discuss some of the destructive consequences of pollution on the sea life which has been published by the US-based the Scientific Magazine. The magazine pointed out that the main reason for the pollution of the major part of lakes and rivers in the United States is the disposal of thousands of tons of chemical waste materials.
The disposal of theses waste materials has caused many problems as scientists have discovered that the fishes living at that rivers and lakes are suffering from different types of cancers.
This means that the risk of pollution can not be detected immediately as it may take tens of year without giving any signs of the existence of such problems. There were many reports on the scandal took place in 1988 relating to the disposal of waste materials from hospitals in the city of New York and other coastal cities. The result of that disposal was so destructive to sea life, necessitating the removal of those materials which took lots of resources and time.
Pollution and the improper disposal of waste materials is not merely limited to the US as scientific reports indicate that the Mediterranean Sea has become a drainage due to the disposal of waste materials from big cities like Marseilles, Barcelona, Iskandaria and Beirut.