Bidding farewell to 2004 with weak economic resultYemen welcomes 2005 with new economic dose to face corruption [Archives:2004/802/Business & Economy]

December 27 2004

Yemen bids farewell to the year 2004 with a very bad economical performance that can be described as weak whether in terms of the individual income development or infrastructure services establishment, development projects, slow development's paces, lack of job opportunities and unemployment in the society.

The government, however, tried during 2004 to come out of the economical crisis with applying a dose of reforms, but it encountered the rejection of the parliament members as well as all the public.

It was therefore compelled to postpone the structural reforms to 2005.

It seems that Yemen is insistent on the new dose of reforms during 2005 following the directives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and donors especially when Yemen has given a commitment to carry out some reforms to fit the required financial support for economical development.

Well-informed resources said to YT that Yemen has some obligations for donors and it can't stop the economical reforms program whatever the interior opposition strength for the program is.

The resources mentioned that the Yemeni government has conducted a new step of price reforms including the prices of diesel, gas, and petrol keeping about YR150 billion of subsidies that the government has been paid for the consumption goods giving the subsidies to those who still in need for it.

The government pointed out that the year 2005 will be decisive regarding the economical, financial and administrative reforms and it will implement a new economical strategy that is based on the following item:

1. implementing intensive strategic programs

2. distributing estates for youth to plant them

3. constructing settlements for people with limited income

4. taking care of technical and vocational education

5. establishing a rail way and decreasing the customs and taxes for controlling smuggling.

President Saleh directed the government to follow this strategy in order to have control over financial and administrative corruption and to reform the condition of public establishment.

Saleh said that, “we want officials to be productive and creative and to respect the public property and nation.”

The presidential directives includes that the local banks should execute settlement and employ the unemployed people.

In this respect the government said that it would implement the coming dose for renewing message of intentions with the International Monetary Fund and donors.

On the other hand, the opposition is against whatever preparations the government started in for applying the dose.

The government is doing so through the use of multimedia in order to lighten the influence of opposition parties and to urge people to support the policy of economical reforms in Yemen.