BILQUIS UNVEILED: “Delicious Food, Gracious Hospitality” [Archives:1999/01/Last Page]

January 4 1999

A Welcome Reopening 
Marking Ramadhan and the dawn of the last year of this century, the Taj Sheba Hotel has reopened its famous Bilquis Restaurant. Following five months of extensive renovation and refurbishment, Bilquis now boasts more space and new color themes augmented by an artistic arrangement of beautiful Yemeni Qamarias (semi-circular stained-glass ports). Furniture motifs smack of sheer luxury. 
The news of reopening the Bilquis Restaurant is being greeted with joy and relief by the Taj’s regular patrons as well as expatriate visitors to Sanaa. The place, very conveniently situated in the heart of downtown Sanaa, offers a nice opportunity for the faithful to break their fast in pleasant surroundings with a wide range of traditional gourmet dishes provided with a five-star service. 
The Sounds of Yemen 
This auspicious opening has just come in time for Ramadhan. People in Sanaa can now enjoy Ramadhan meals in the tranquil surroundings of the Bilquis Restaurant, to the accompaniment of Ud playing and traditional Yemeni religious chanting. “We endeavor to provide our customers with excellent, top-quality service and all possible conveniences to make this Ramadhan a month to remember,” said Mr. Mayank Mehta, Taj Sheba’s General Manager. 
Greater Space Than Ever! 
Instead of just 70 seats, Bilquis now has 130, a dance floor and more seating space in the adjacent courtyard. “With nice colorful umbrellas providing a cool shade, our guests can now enjoy themselves at the Bilquis’ yard overlooking the swimming pool,” announced a proud Mr. Shankar, Taj Sheba Sales Manager. “The comfort and enjoyment of the Hotel’s patrons is our top priority. It gives us great pleasure, especially during this Holy Month, to make our guests relax and be comfortable, whether they stay overnight or just come to break their fast and have an enjoyable evening,” added Mr. Shankar. 
The Tent of Araby 
After having the fast-breaking meal with a variety of traditional Arab and oriental food on offer, Taj Sheba patrons can then relax in typical Yemeni and Arab surroundings. “A newly erected tent by the pool, bedecked with lush, comfortable cushions and colorful oriental rugs, is a quite congenial place for relaxation, smoking Shisha, and chatting with family and friends,” pointed out Mr. Shankar. 
Luxury Rooms 
It was not just the Bilquis Restaurant that got renovated and refurbished, but a whole wing of 82 rooms as well. “All the rooms now are furnished up to the highest standards of luxury, making us ready to receive the Taj’s guests with comfort, a sunny smile and a personal warm service,” announced the amiable Shankar. The exterior of the other wing will also be renovated to match the first half of the building’s faéade. 
Moreover, the Executive Club Floor will be opened soon. Among the excellent services it boasts are a Body Shop branch, 24-hour butler service, fax facilities, international newspapers, and much more. 
Adel J. Moqbil, 
Yemen Times