Bin Shamlan applies for presidency [Archives:2006/962/Front Page]

July 10 2006

By: Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A, July 8 ) In a press statement, Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) candidate Faisal bin Shamlan, said, “Participation in the upcoming presidential elections is a national obligation aiming to make the democratic trend in Yemen firm.”

Accompanied by a number of journalists, correspondents and crowds affiliated with the JMP in front of Parliament after submitting his application to Parliament's Presidency Board, bin Shamlan hoped the elections would be conducted according to standards agreed upon by the JMP and General People's Congress (GPC). He also assured that the 2006 elections are considered the first real and competitive elections at the highest level, the presidency.

Bin Shamlan further added that his “electoral program is the comprehensive political and national reform project adopted by the JMP and the approach we must adopt is that of reforming the political system, without which we'll achieve nothing.”

When asked about his political affiliation, bin Shamlan declared that he's an independent candidate and was nominated by the JMP. He further asserted that the future lies with the JMP.

Attended by news agencies, Arab and foreign satellite channel correspondents, JMP leaders and several members affiliated with parliamentary blocks, bin Shamlan submitted his nomination documents to Parliament's Presidency Board on Saturday at 11 a.m.

Profile on Faisal Othman bin Shamlan

– Born 1934 in Al-Swiri, Hadramout

– Attended primary school in Ghail Bawazir and secondary school in Sudan

– Graduated from Kingston University, UK, specializing in civil engineering

– Married with one son and four daughters

– Minister of Public Works and Transport in 1967 during the first government formed under President Qahtan Al-Shabi following South Yemen's independence

– Executive Chairman of the General Authority for Electrical Power

– Member of the Supreme People's Council 1971-1990

– Founded Al-Minbar party and issued Al-Minbar newspaper in 1990 along with Omar Tarmom, Dr. Ba Faqih, Dr. Karama Sulian and many others

– Manager of oil marketing administration at the Ministry of Oil 1991-92

– Minister of Oil in 1994, resigned in 1995

– Member of Parliament 1990-2003

– Resigned from Parliament in protest against the two-year extended period of Parliament in 2003, refusing to nominate himself anymore after that

– When the government was formed in 1994, concerned authorities insistently called him to preside over the government, but he refused the offer

– Characterized by a clean vocational job register throughout his life, with an interest in charity projects

– Returned a car in his keeping after ending his work in oil marketing administration at the Aden refinery.

– It has been reported that unlike other 1994 government ministers, he was given just one car, which he left in the ministry's garage when he resigned his post

– Given a car by the president in 1997 and later had to sell it to meet his life needs

– As declared by some close to him, he spent all the money he saved from private work to cover his expenses during his work at the ministry.

– Unlike other ministers who receive special entitlements and a car every seven years, he receives YR 38,000 from the Cabinet and YR 20,000 from the presidential office.