Bin Shamlan: On the 20th we will see [Archives:2006/982/Front Page]

September 18 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 17 ) An early morning JMP rally ran a little late as supporters slowly entered the one open entrance at Al-Thawra Stadium.

Once inside, the thousands of supporters echoed Faisal Bin Shamlan's “We came for change” chant for a second time in just under one month at the stadium.

“Change has become a must and we want to compensate for failure of the current regime and build the country,” announced Bin Shamlan, before his supporters from Sana'a Governate.

According to Bin Shamlan, the JMP will bring change aiming to “restore the Republic of Yemen with its bright face,” correcting the concepts of the unification, find equal citizenship, and establish tolerance and solidarity among people. The key members backing the Bin Shamlan bid stood firmly behind their candidate.

Hamid Al-Ahmer, a prominent tribal figure and Member of Parliament, sent out accusations saying the GPC has plans for voter fraud and criticized it for monopolizing media outlets.

“How eager we are for your reign, Bin Shamlan, the reign of good and prosperity, of freedom and democracy, of love and harmony, of competence and honest administration,” said Al-Ahmer, pointing at current government corruption. Bin Shamlan also criticized government corruption and their performance, the increase of poverty and unemployment.

“A change is not just replacing one person with another. A change is replacing a single-handed system with an institutional system that aims at building the country and citizens whoever they are,” said the presidential hopeful.

“We plan to establish the concepts of unity and the principle of equal citizenship, as well as to enhance the spirit of solidarity and forgiveness and eliminate violence.”