Blacked out consciences [Archives:2005/863/Community]

July 28 2005

By Nabeel Al-Isdi
It is a pleasure that I am not a member or an executive in the “blackout Ministry”, so that I wouldn't be a subject to the taboo curses that are 'aired' by the exasperated consumers, let alone their agony of the aftermath.

I developed a psychotic complex due to the consecutive daily blackouts and the hallucinations of hearing the curses that go off the minute that the electric current goes out. The broken or paralyzed electric devices that need to go to the fixer or mostly to the nearest dust bin are another story. When I fail to do my personal 'home work' my wife remembers all the broken electrical devices, and demands new ones that won't be broken before three or four blackouts.

Aren't the 'doses' enough for the government? Need it strengthen them by these blackouts to instigate our wives?

Hey, it is a whisper. I strongly believe that the morning session employees of the electricity authority are the selfsame owners of the workshops that fix the broken electric devices in the evenings.

I'd be fair to those employees. They have their justification in this policy of intermittent black out. They don't want our government to shoulder the burden of looking for loans and donations, to cater for the population boom, all alone. They arrange for us appropriate happy marriage relations so that we could devote ourselves to reproduction. The government would have been smarter if it secured packets of 'Viagra' instead.

Our government is obsessed with the decrease of unemployment. That is why it concentrates the blackouts, during these exam days to contain the phenomenon of cheating in exams. In this way the cheaters can not prepare any of their scribbled notes. In this way there will be no cheat, and consequently no success and no jobs. The way government solves the unemployment problem ingenious.

So dear readers, Stop cursing when there is a blackout, because if it works, God wouldn't have granted us a government lead by men with blacked out consciences.