Blaming the government for only being interested in upcoming election Houthis claim YR 300 billion in compensation for war-related damage [Archives:2008/1193/Local News]

September 25 2008

By: Mohammed Bin Sallam
SA'ADA, Sept. 24 ) Sheikh Saleh Habra, on behalf of Houthis' field leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, claimed from the government YR 300 billion in compensations for Houthi supporters whose property was damaged or robbed during the four-year fighting between Yemeni army and Houthi gunmen.

He said that the YR 10 billion the government allocated for reconstructing Sa'ada, according to official media reports, was spent mostly on repairing electricity and telephone networks in the provincial capital where governmental buildings and military camps are located.

An early electoral campaign

Habra told the Yemen Times by phone that governmental committees, which are currently visiting Sa'ada governorate, are not serious in their assessment of the damage incurred by the war. He said that, by sending these committees, the government was embarking on an early electoral campaign in favor of its party, while war-brokers (hinting to some military officials) are preparing to wage a sixth war against Sa'ada.

He added that war brokers are not concerned about stability, security and development in Yemen, and that this is how they have been behaving since the September 26 Revolution of 1962.

“Many Cabinet ministers on Tuesday attended a dinner party