Blood money for willful killings increased up to YR 5.5 million [Archives:2006/951/Local News]

June 1 2006

SANA'A, May 30 ) Islamic Sharia parliamentary committees and justice and endowments on Tuesday amended the Crimes and Penalties Law's Article No. 40 regarding blood money, increasing the maximum amount from YR 750,000 to as much as YR 5.5 million.

Both committees set blood money for unintentional killings at YR 1.6 million. Compensation for willful and unintentional injuries must be a portion of blood money for both types of killings, based on the size of the injury.

According to the new amendments, if a murder occurs due to fighting between killer and victim – meaning both parties were involved – then the former must pay blood money proportional to what he would have committed, while his relatives also must pay some money. The amendments were based on 1994's Republican Decree No. 12.

Until last Tuesday, blood money for willful killings of men did not exceed YR 750,000 (equivalent to $4,000), while half that sum was paid as women's blood money.