Bloodshed in Taiz [Archives:1999/25/Local News]

June 21 1999

The violent confrontations that began last Tuesday between the military/police forces and the citizens of the village of Quradah in Saber, Taiz governorate are still going on, but the fighting has become less intense. Reports from Taiz say that artillery, bazookas and other heavy battle equipment were being used in the conflict. The thundering sound of the shelling, which has destroyed a number of houses is heard all over the city of Taiz and neighboring villages. The number of military and civilian casualties is still difficult to determine.
The reason for the flare up of violence in the area is due to Colonel Abdullah Al-Qadhi, the President’s uncle and Director of the Security Office in Taiz insisting on giving some of the wells owned by the people of Quradah to the people of another village.
Before the flare-up of the military confrontation, Mr. Al-Qadhi was chosen as an arbitrator to settle the differences between the people of the two villages. The people of Quradah have put up 50 weapons as the traditional symbol of willingness to accept the arbitration, but he insisted on getting more.
At another level, the shiekhs and social figures of Saber held a meeting last Saturday to discuss the implications of the military operations, which have evoked the anger and protest of the people of Taiz.