Bohra Movement to Implement New Projects [Archives:2001/36/Front Page]

September 3 2001

Prince Mufadhal Saif Eldin, son of the sultan of Bohra, the 52th Fatimid preacher of Bohra Mr. Mohammed Bohra Eldin laid the foundation stones for the construction of a mosque and the Burhani school in Hamadan district. This came during Prince Mufadhal’s visit to the followers of the Bohra sect in the district where over than 1500 inhabitants gathered to receive him. Mufadhal who delivered a speech highlighting the importance of building a mosque for the late religious scholar of Bohra, Ibrahim bin al-Hussain al-Hamidi who was buried in this district. 
Similarly, several basic projects were implemented in Haraz area, the main concentration area of the Bohra sect in Yemen. 
Prince Saif Eldin stated that his visit to Yemen came at the directives of his father with the view of getting to know the conditions of the followers of the sect in Yemen. 
It is worth mentioning that the Sultan of Bohra visited Yemen five times in which he was accompanied by thousands of his followers. Statistics show that the number of the Bohra followers in Yemen is more than 13,000 living in Haraz, Hamadan, Ibb and Aden. 
Some of the hardline Islamic extremist groups criticize the followers of the sect considering them as not following the Sunni teachings. 
Sultan Mohammed Burhan Eldin, 90, is the most important scholar of the Bohra sect all over the world.