Book promotes the Queen of ShebaAustrian author looks at “Favoured daughters of Eve” [Archives:2005/820/Last Page]

February 28 2005
Annelies Glander
Annelies Glander
In November 24 of last year, both the Yemeni and Ethiopian embassies in Vienna, Austria hosted a special presentation for the recently published book entitled “The Queen of Sheba's Round Table:

A study of the most favoured daughters of Eve.”

The book was written by prominent linguist and term inologist Annelies Glander.

In a recent visit to Yemen, Ms. Glander expressed to The Yemen Times her delight for the generous and welcoming gesture by the Yemeni public and government for the book, which provided hints of the life of the Queen of Sheba and a number of other prominent female idols.

“I personally thank Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi and my Yemeni friends who expressed appreciation for the role the book is playing in presenting a truthful and positive image of Yemen's most famous queen,” she said.

The book, which was released on October 2004 and is available on most global and online bookstores throughout the world, is in no way intended as an imitation or gender sensitive counterpart of King Arthur's famous colloquium, but is a virtual meeting of spiritually noble ladies presenting their illustrious life stories.

Peter Lang Publishing Group Inc. published the 238-page study in affiliation with the European University.

The purpose of the study is to present women from real life in the most natural and comprehensible way possible, nevertheless relying on documented texts. The activities and ideologies of the heroines participating in this unique albeit imaginary meeting are analyzed for particular features that would explain their outstanding achievements, believed to be in some way or other inheritable and thus transferable to further eligible candidates.

The accounts are interspersed with questions raised by the listening participants, intended to reflect the opinion of the author

About the author

Born in 1939 Annelies Glander studied languages and, simultaneously started to explore other civilizations. She obtained a master degree in Social Anthropology and a doctorate in Sociology.

Still working as a linguist and terminologist she continues devoting all her free time to study trips and field research, and the subsequent elaboration of books. (Inheritance in Islam, 1998, The Oriental Child, 2001).

Annelies Glander has always been a good friend of Yemen and a frequent visitor. She is planning to write a book on 'The Child' focusing on children in a global sense.

Her interest in the Arab World, and particularly in Yemen has made her attached to the country in many ways. “They sometimes call me 'Austrian Aneesa' for they know that Yemen is my second home.” she admits.