Bora: yours to discover [Archives:2002/09/Culture]

February 25 2002


By: Mahyoob Al-Kamali
Looking for an outdoor adventure? One of Yemens richest natural lands is Bora. And its waiting to be discovered.
Located in the middle of a mountainous area in the coastline plain of Tihama, its 50 km from the east of Hodeidah City. The area constitutes the first series of the Western Highlands of Yemen, and Boras highest point is 2200 meters above the sea levels.
Geological studies point out that Bora has volcanic rocks, but its also a fertile land located between tropical and moderate climates. Its moderate particularly in the highest parts of the mountain.
The area therefore has some rare botanic diversity. Woods are abundantly grown, and rare animals and birds also live in the area.
A valuable area
Sightseers can see wild animals such as, foxes, hyenas, wolves and wild cats, plus reptiles and insects such as, butterflies. Rare birds sing with their sweet-toned voices.
So Bora has economic and tourist value, which makes it an important scene in Yemen. Its also one of the only places in Yemen that has rich pastures good for grazing livestock.
The area of Bora consists of two main regions, the first one with small trees and grassland, bushes, the second one located in a valley called Wadi Regaf, which is considered to be one of the thickest-bushed shrubs in Bora and it is about 800 hectares.
Rare trees there have medical properties, which are useful for some diseases. The coffee tree is planted in different agricultural and irrigation terraces.
Among Boras best attractions are the evergreens grown throughout the year. The regions mist, which covers the area in an uninterrupted bath, is also a highlight.
The biodiversity in the region, such as, wild animals, long-lived trees with economic importance make Bora one of the best tourist spots in Yemen.
Visitors who enjoy the natural outdoors wont be disappointed.