BP Oil Yemen bids farewell to Mr. Dirhim Ali Ahmed [Archives:2003/691/Community]

December 4 2003

By Ridwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden Bureau Chief
Yemen Times

A ceremony was held on November 16 at the Sheraton Gold Mohur Hotel in Aden City to bid farewell and to honour Mr. Dirhim Ali Ahmed, the General Manager of British Petroleum Oil Yemen (BP Oil Yemen), where he worked since 1957.
The ceremony was held primarily to express gratitude to Mr. Dirhim, who will retire this month, for his contributions during his 46 years in the company, and for the great successes he accomplished for BP Oil Yemen.
During almost half a century, Mr. Dirhim worked in various posts in BP Oil Yemen until he became its General Manager. He was known for his strategic vision and efficient administration.
Furthermore, the occasion was also used to welcome the new General Manager, Mr. Ryan Abubakr Al-Qirbi, who has pledged to learn from the experience of Mr. Dirhim and continue with his spirit and development pace.