Braille Printing Press Introduced in Yemen [Archives:2001/15/Local News]

April 9 2001

For the first time blind pupils and students in Yemen will be able to study the same national curricula used in state schools throughout Yemen. This breakthrough follows the purchase of Braille printing press by the British Embassy in Sana’a at the cost of US$38,000 for the al-Aman Society for Blind Care.
The support comes under the British Government’s Small Grants Scheme which is managed in Yemen by the British Council. Under the scheme, support is given for some 12 development projects per year to improve the educational, professional and welfare opportunities of the Yemeni people.
Al-Aman Society for Blind Care has been working strenuously to enable blind children to have access to state education. Previously blind students had to rely on self-financed audio cassettes.
The Braille Printing Press will be used to print Ministry of Education state curricula, as well as supplementary materials for the blind. This will expand the scopes of their education through publications, books and journals. The Printing press ,ordered for this Society, is a state of the art printing press with a speed of printing 1200 pages per hour.
The Society, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, has already begun printing curricula for the elementary stage and expects to complete this first print-run in the next few months.