Brand or Price? [Archives:2002/06/Business & Economy]

February 4 2002

Mahyoub al-Kamali
Both manufacturers and consumers share different opinions with regard to quality, price or country of origin of manufactured goods. In a survey conducted on producers and consumers in the capital Sana’a, there have been different answers for the details of issues related to marketing and consumption . However, many people think that the quality of products is the final determiner and propaganda is just complementary.
Local manufacturers confirm that the products of their plants are licensed by big foreign trademarks which produce internationally renowned products. A retailer said the mark and the marketing company exchanged roles and complement each other in this respect. Local consumers pay more attention to the mark, however, the trade mark agent play a complementary role in propagating the product in local markets. Another retailer, said, “In Yemen people are not that attentive to the mark as the case in many other countries.”
Electrical appliances technicians, said the warranty awarded by big companies, as well as the after-sale services play a key role in the demand for these kind of products. The availability of spare parts and workshops also contribute to the rise in demand for certain products like electrical appliances. A consumer said the reputation of big brand names attract him to buy its products even if they are expensive. New trade marks for this buyer are a matter of suspicion.
Traders in Yemen believe that women have a great role in deciding the house and family needs. They also believe that consumers focus on the mark when purchasing the nonessentials, but when buying consumables they are more concerned with their prices. In a tour inside trade centers in Sana’a, retailers gave us another reasons attracting buyers plus the aforementioned ones: color, brand name, and the novelty of the product.
Consumers undoubtedly have the final decision when buying their products, however, roughly 80% of consumers prefer having high quality products and internationally reputed names.