Breakdown in Conduct & Social Order: Students Beat up their Teachers [Archives:1997/41/Front Page]

October 13 1997

It all happened over the last two weeks. Students Waleed Al-Shara’abi and Kemal Nasher beat up and knived their teacher, Faisal Al-Dawi, at Baghdad School. Students Nasser Ali Omer Al-Mashdali, his brother Ahmed, Mustafa Al-Azzani and Ahmed Salim Al-Baidhani beat up their teacher Mansoor Al-Aameri at Ibn Majid School. Students Mohammed Al-Haamily, Abdul-Fattah Al-Wusabi, Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sanafi, and their collaborators beat up their teacher Mohammed Mujally at Al-Dailamy School. Students Hassan Hamood Mirzah Al-Sabe’e and Yahia Nasser Al-Faqeeh insulted abused students at Al-Shami School. Student Mujahid Ali Al-Rowaishan beat up and insulted the deputy headmistress at Motahhar Zaid School. Student Hani Al-Maswari beat up his teacher Abdul-Salam Al-Naqeeb and the principal of the school at Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed School. The cases of assault on the teaching and administrative staff included many schools – Hafsah, Salem Al-Sabah, Al-Tadhamun, Ibn Seena, Al-Tabari, the High Teachers’ Institute, etc., just to name a few. More on Culture Page