Breakthrough in Jahm tribe’s case [Archives:2003/661/Local News]

August 21 2003

Sanaa, August 19 – A breakthrough has finally been reached in Jahm tribe's case as an agreement has been reached between the authorities and the tribe's sheikhs last week. According to tribal sources, Sheikh of Khowlan tribes Mohamed bin Naji Al-Ghader has successfully mediated between the two sides, who have agreed to settle their disputes and start new talks.
The agreement stated that all Khowlan sheikhs and their escorts currently held in different prisons in Sanaa will be released, and those sheikhs will commit themselves to start peaceful talks with the government concerning the murder of one of Jahm tribe's prominent sheikhs Saleh Al-Zaidi a few months ago.
The dispute started between the tribes and President Saleh around a month ago when a verbal argument erupted between the President and Sheikh Mohammed bin Mohammed Al-Zaidi, resulting in having the sheikh and the other tribesmen held in prison. A chase after the escorts of the sheikhs resulted in an exchange of fire resulting in the killing of one of the escorts and wounding of another.
According to the agreement, the government will pay blood money to the family of the killed escort and would have the wounded sent abroad for treatment, and prepare for peaceful talks to resume concerning the case of Sheikh Saleh Al-Zaidi's death.
Both sides have agreed to ease the situation and neglect violence, especially as the mediator, Al-Ghader, was a person respected from both parties.