Bride kidnapping incident denied [Archives:2006/914/Local News]

January 23 2006

AL-MAHWIT, Jan. 22 ) A security source denied media reports that armed men kidnapped a bride and killed her groom at a wedding in Al-Mahwit governorate.

Brigadier General Hidra Mohammed Al-Shakri, the district's General Director, confirmed that the story reported in various media sources lacked accuracy. “What happened was that a woman was invited to a wedding in Bani Musaed district in Al-Mahwit province. Her ex-husband stormed into the wedding to kidnap her, killing one guest in his attempt to run away with her. However, police managed to arrest him and rescue the woman, who is now in her family's home,” according to the source.

The ex-husband wanted to enforce his divorced woman to remarry him . Therefore he coordinated with her brother and other four men who decided to attack the wedding party and kidnap ex- wife. Two gusts (one of them was the mother of the woman)b were injured in the attack , and anther gust was killed . “We could capture four of them, including the ex-husband and the brother and we are searching two others” said Alshakri.

Earlier this week, foreign and local news websites reported that five gunmen stormed a wedding, kidnapped the bride, bundled her into a car, drove off at high speed and fired at the groom, named Mastoor Ahmed. According to media sources, the attack, in which five guests were injured, was arranged by a man the bride previously refused to marry.

The websites linked this incident to Yemeni women's rights, saying, “The press and women's rights activists continue to investigate and denounce violations of women's rights in Yemen.” The activists claim that common law, social custom and Islamic Sharia law, as interpreted in Yemen, discriminate against women.