Brining back the faith [Archives:2008/1183/Viewpoint]

August 21 2008

Huda is a young Yemeni women working in Sana'a. One day at around 4 PM while she was hailing a taxi to take her home, two men on a motorbike drove behind her and one who was not driving snatched her purse. She held tight to the purse strings while the muggers drove fast and almost dragged her a few meters on the street. She finally let go and was shouting for help from the people around her. She asked the taxi driver to follow them but he just shrugged and drove off. No one even bothered to assist or even comfort her.

“I was outraged at the theft but was more upset that no one seemed to care. It hurt me more than anything to realize that you could be hurt in daylight and no one would come to your rescue