Britain Contributes to Demining Program in Yemen [Archives:2001/12/Local News]

March 19 2001

The government of Yemen will receive a GBP 285,000 grant from Britain to support the Yemeni government in funding the Demining Action Program, it was announced on Tuesday by FCO Minister Brian Wilson.
Mr. Wilson announced this during his meeting on Tuesday with visiting Yemeni Minister of state for cabinet affairs, Dr. Mutahir Al Saidi.
Mr. Wilson said: “The Yemeni government has made considerable progress in recent years in bringing together the two parts of a once divided nation. Despite this progress, thousands of mines laid during the country’s civil wars continue to remain and kill innocent people which acts as a bitter reminder of earlier conflicts. We are glad to be contributing this money to the Yemeni government’s Demining Action Program and thereby helping the Yemenis to rebuild their country.”