Britain Objects to the Targeting of Yemen [Archives:2001/49/Local News]

December 3 2001

The British government stated its refusal of the idea that Yemen should be made a target for the US-led war against terrorism. In a press statement, the British Embassy in Sanaa said that the British government objects to the idea that targeting Yemen would at all be an acceptable or excusable matter. The statement said a report released by the British Sunday Times last Sunday had nothing to do with the official stand of the British government and its policy towards Yemen, and that the journalist did not report any official statement released by the British government. It also stressed that Britain considers Yemen a victim of terrorism rather than a target. It welcomed Yemens strong condemnation of terrorism and its willingness to support international efforts to crackdown on terrorism worldwide.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh commented on what the British and other newspapers have published by saying that such press showed some kind of prejudice and intrigue. While Yemen has been relentlessly cooperating in the fight against terrorism, he pointed out that Yemens economy has been strongly hit by the attack against the USS Cole in Aden last year and the terrorist attacks against Washington and New York last September.