British authorities release 4 Yemeni citizens [Archives:2003/683/Local News]

November 6 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Without charges, British authorities released four Yemeni citizens Nov 3.
The Yemenis had been arrested according to the terrorism combating law during a home break-in last Tuesday in Sheffield, UK.
British media did not disclose the nature of the confiscated possessions found with the arrested, but indicators show that nothing serious was found.
A Middle East newspaper reported that South Yorkshire police gave two of the arrested men over to the British migration police to continue investigation, after the terrorism combating force released the men.
Sheffield court allowed investigation with the four men to continue for another 72 hours after release.
Britain had ratified laws on combating terrorism in 2000, and is now preparing for a new set of laws for civil emergencies. Such new laws had been receiving objections from the conservatives, complaining that this unnecessary new wave will transform UK into a police state if a state of emergency was announced.