British Destroyer visits Aden Port [Archives:2005/827/Local News]

March 24 2005

Aden Bureau
British Destroyer HMS arrived at Aden Port Tuesday March 22 amidst intensive security measures. Sea passages were blocked and fishermen prevented from approaching areas along the voyage course of the destroyer which was accompanied by British helicopters.

The Destroyer, having a crew of 271 sailors, was received by Aden Governor and British Ambassador to Yemen.

The operation officer on board explained the tasks of the destroyer and its specifications, briefing the attendants on its participation in the warfare operations around the Horn of Africa by detecting and killing terrorist elements and reinforcing stability in the region.

The Destroyer was built at New Castle Port, Britain, and came into service in 1990. It is 148 meters long and 14 meters wide, weighing some 4950 tons. The Destroyer is equipped with eight anti-ship Harpoon missiles, six projectiles, 4.5-inch gun and two 20-mm guns. Four engines are mounted on the destroyer and a 1-megawat power generator.

During the review, the British sailors conducted a parachuting performance from a helicopter against an imaginary target besides a number of rescue operations.

Later, the Destroyer's Captain and crew exchanged souvenirs with Aden Governor. At the end of the visit, the British delegation expressed their happiness at the visit.

This is the second visit of a Royal Navy after the one which took place in 2002.