British Foreign Office considers moving embassy [Archives:2004/708/Local News]

February 2 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Yemen Times has learnt that owners of trade shops nearby the British embassy building on Hada street in Sana'a downtown intend to file a lawsuit demanding the embassy pay compensations for losses they have been sustaining during the last two years, as a result of the strict security measures around the embassy building. Security measures prevent citizens from standing or approaching the areas and shops adjacent to the embassy.
Security authorities have sealed off the streets nearby the embassy after its building came under a bomb attack in October 2000, and resulted in burning of the electric generator of the embassy and one of its offices.
A source at the British Foreign Office had mentioned last week that the embassy in Yemen is among other foreign embassies decided to be transferred to safer places as a result of incapability of protecting them from car bombs and vehicles.
The British embassy in Yemen last year foiled an attempted attack by elements from al-Qaeda organisation.