British funding for second survey on family budgets [Archives:2004/753/Local News]

July 8 2004

The British government and the United Nations Development Program will contribute to funding the second survey on family budgets scheduled to begin early next year. The embassy of the United Kingdom in Sana'a has signed recently an agreement at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation that pledges US$1.1 million to Yemen in addition to US$350,000 presented by the UNDP to support the Central Statistical Apparatus in conducting the survey.
The survey aims to determine the family income and measure social indicators in comparison to the economic conditions, the volume of subsidies and social changes, and the effects of economic reforms on lives of Yemeni families.
The estimated cost of the project is US$2.4 million. The World Bank will present US$281,000 and US$669,000 is to be provided by the Yemeni government.