British Government to Rehabilitate a Hospital & a Tennis Court in Aden [Archives:2002/05/Local News]

January 28 2002

Dr. Abdulah Abdlwali Nashir, member of the Shura Council, Chairman of the Health & Population Committee at the Shura Council and Chairman of the Yemeni-British Friendship Association stated to the Yemen Times that the British government would grant Yemen soft loans for a period of 10 years. Nashir said the loans would be earmarked for several projects, including the rehabilitation of the al-Jumhory Hospital in Aden and providing it with 300 beds along with its related equipment.
The British government will also send a specialist engineer in the field of sports installations to supervise rehabilitation work of the Aden Tennis Court, established in 1902 during the British colonial era. This loan is granted by the English Tennis Union.
Shortly before, the British Ambassador to Yemen paid visits along with the British Consul in Aden to both the al-Jumhory Hospital and Aden’s Tennis Court.