British Tourist Group Sent  Letters of High Appreciation [Archives:2000/09/Local News]

February 28 2000

In a letter of thanks and gratitude Mr. John Shipman expressed his high appreciation of all the warm atmosphere and hospitality he received from the Yemeni senior officials. Mr. Bill Herber, member of the society, along with his wife and five other friends visited Yemen from 17 January to 2 February 2000. In a report Mr. Herbert noted that during their visit to different cities, they have never felt any feelings of insecurity and they instead felt the welcome everywhere as warm as ever.
Mr. Bill said that both the government and the tourist industry are being united in their determination to ensure that visitors enjoy their visit to Yemen in complete security. He noted that in some areas there was security presence and that on some sections of road an armed police and patrol car accompanied them to ensure their security. Therefore, he said that as all these precautions in place, they found it impossible to justify the continued negative advice from their Foreign Office and that they hope that it will be lifted without further delay.