Britons Continue to Ask: “Was Hosea Walker Truly Killed in AN ACCIDENT?” [Archives:2000/29/Front Page]

July 17 2000

16 year old Hosea Walker was said to have been killed on the 8th of this month in a tragic accident. One of his friends, pulled the trigger of the gun which he was cleaning, causing the death of Hosea. Although all reports so far confirm this, Brits in the UK are still suspicious about the incident. “We do not believe it was an accident. Even if it were, why would guns be available any way?” a British reader said.
The tragic accident, which happened in one of the institutions of Sheikh Moqbil Al-Wadii’s religious group in Sa’da (200 km north of Sanaa), raised a lot of questions and doubts about the this group.
In an attempt to reveal the secrets of this mysterious death, Yemen Times contacted the British Embassy, international organizations dealing with Wadi’i, and even tribesmen in close contact with the group and revealed shocking information. “I believe there are around 30 Brits studying at the Wadi’i institution said UK’s Ambassador, H.E. Victor Henderson.
The news about the tens of Brits studying Islam in Wadii’s institutions was yet another interesting item for the British Press.
“One wonders why we haven’t heard about these UK nationals!” asked Brian Whitaker of the London-based Guardian.
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