Broken Hope [Archives:2006/967/Community]

July 27 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Comrade! I think you are not forlorn

Shake my hand

I am only your pinion

Look at my fist

How it is white

And my skin is also light brown

The house-breaker can't let

My heart's color be paler

Or the pillars of radiant love

Destroy and drown

The crime act-play reached its end

In every lane and line of our ground

Into shreds

The freedom's libretto became

Outdated and torn

By the phantasm's powerful horn

Comrade! It is our time to control

To collect and save the remains of

Our lost motherland

Do not let any soul

See your lonely groan

My heart has not complained

Or become limestone

He is bleeding profusely

Without thorn

At the gateway of hope's vessel

The drums of life's battle

No True Triumph but trounce by shuffle

The folks are living with omen and raffle

The clash is too long

No light's duct can come into sight

Except the life's claws that prong

In oblong trance

Wits can be dryly full-grown

No daylight

Coming to life's patch without dawn.