Budding Polish Artist Inspired by Yemen [Archives:1998/48/Last Page]

November 30 1998

Miss Karolina Romanska, 14, first came to Yemen in 1997 when her parents were assigned a post at the Polish Embassy here. She currently goes to the Sanaa International School.
Drawing and painting are her passion, in addition to other hobbies – dancing and singing.
Interview by Mohammed Bin Sallam of Yemen Times.
Q: When did you start drawing?
A: I can’t remember a time when I haven’t drawn. It feels as if I was born doing it, and as if it were in my blood. I do remember that I used to draw all over my short story books. However, my family does not recall me drawing on the walls or cupboards.
Q: What made you interested in drawing in the first place?
A: Not till I was ten, did I realise that I loved to draw. Before that I used to simply take a pencil and make shapes on a piece of paper, but later I started looking over my work and correcting my errors. I became immensely interested in the Japanese drawing style, Manga. I watched a lot of cartoons, and drew what I saw. Eventually forming a good photographic memory, I learned to draw the correct shapes and sizes of the human body, objects, animals and plants. However, I’m not sure what started my interest in drawing. It was probably the dream of becoming a celebrated cartoonist, and creating my own animated movies.
Q: What do you like to draw, people or scenery?
A: My favorite subject is anything, as long as I want to draw it. If it is obligatory that I draw something I don’t feel like drawing. The picture then comes out bad.
Q: What are your impressions of Yemen, the country and the people?
A: Yemen is amazing, in every way. The people here can be so good to you that it sometimes makes you wonder about their existence. What I mean is, they don’t hesitate to help. I have been in a situation when my dog ran away. He leaped into the road, a Yemeni man just lifted him and carried him to me. I was surprised at the man’s action, since Muslims usually dislike having contact with dogs. He just helped me, and I was very happy.

Q: Is Yemen interesting from an artist’s point of view?
A: Yemen is a painter’s Paradise. There is so much here that could be captured on paper. Also, the mountains can give terrific ideas about the settings of SiFi and Fantasy stories. The buildings and monuments provide the artist with great inspiration. Yemen has a lot to give to an artist.
Q: How do you compare Yemen with Poland?
A: Comparing Yemen with Poland is rather difficult. First of all, Yemen is a Muslim country, whereas Poland is a Christian one. The culture of these two countries vary immensely, due to centuries of different experience. Nevertheless, both nations try to be as nice and friendly to foreigners as possible, and both have their inner problems.
Q: Would you like to add anything else?
A: I would only like to add that I hope I will make good use of everything Yemen has to offer.