Building a prosperous Yemen starts here [Archives:2004/735/Viewpoint]

May 6 2004

Yemen Times launched an initiative recently through a campaign targeting all intellectuals, thinkers, politicians, businessmen, academicians and all other Yemeni citizens to participate in the formation of a first-of-its-kind initiative to focus on the goal of building the modern Yemen we are all dreaming of.
For thousands of intellectuals and Yemeni personalities who have been abroad and continue to visit countries in the region and the world, it is saddening to see that Yemen is so far behind. The agony of seeing that the country is not in the level they anticipate it to be and the feeling that much more should and in fact can be done, makes them in many ways feel frustrated and helpless.
However, this is now changing.
As local and international pressure is mounting in favor of enabling the civil society to participate in decision-making and building of nations, Yemen now is drawing greater attention to the possibility of getting the assistance of intellects and potential contributors to Yemen's development.
Our initiative involves forming a committee to assist President Saleh in his attempts to bring about development in the real sense in all walks of life. This committee will start its first step in issuing the first guide to President Saleh in which they express their commitment to working hard with the president to help in developing the country and making it one of the leading and advanced countries in the region and the world.
Malaysia is a good example that it is possible for such a vision to be formulated to become the basis of a country rapidly growing and expected to become an advanced country in all aspects.
If they can do it why can't we?
I believe throwing the ball in the president's court is not enough. We, as the civil society, must take on our duty of playing a role in the country's development. But eventually, it is a must for our leader to respond positively to our hand that is being extended.
I know he will value this initiative and welcome this step with appreciation.
In the coming few weeks, I am sure our efforts will be more widely observed and appreciated, as people will be convinced that we are doing this on the basis of our love to our country and our desire to make the country a better place, where the standard of living is high and where prosperity and progress are everywhere.
Being one of the pioneer media establishments in Yemen, with a profound objective to work hard in establishing a modern Yemen, where civil liberties, education, civil values, and development are well-established, Yemen Times sparked the initiative to integrate with decision makers for a better Yemen.
This initiative is very basic and simple in idea, but of massive importance and influence in objective. It is a step towards bringing together the rulers and the ruled, and bridging the gap between the president and his people.
We are today living in a world of quick changes, where developments in various aspects from technology to governance techniques, from education to businesses are taking the world by storm. Hence, we felt that this is the right time to bring about the change that we always desired.
Looking at hardships around us and complaining of deteriorations in various aspects of life will certainly not be of use in making the country a better place.
On a personal level, it hurts me a lot to see other countries in the region and the world much more advanced in Yemen. It concerns me that the level of development and progress in the country, although notable, is simply far from satisfactory when it comes to the pace the world is moving in today.
That is why I decided that there is no reason for us in Yemen Times to not start a humble step, with the cooperation and support of many good people and institutions around us, who all have the same goal in mind, i.e., participating in building the modern Yemen.