Burning Oil Truck kills three [Archives:2004/769/Local News]

September 2 2004

An oil truck caught fire on Friday August 27th in Al-Rabi'ei area on Taiz-Makha road. The fire killed three men on a small vehicle nearby. The tanker, belonging to businessman Tawfiq Abdul-Rahim, had unloaded oil in Taiz and was on its way back to Makha.
The truck crashed into the vehicle, igniting the fire, and three charred corpses were later found in the vehicle, said Staff Colonel Yahya Al-Haysami, Deputy Security Official of Taiz. Civil defense and Central Security extinguished the fire, aided by Hail Sa'eed Group's company.
Material losses can be estimated at YR 15 million. The cause of the incident is attributed to a lack of maintenance of the oil tanker, as well as poor visibility on the road.
Earlier this year, a driver of another truck belonging to Tawfiq Abdul-Rahim was killed when the truck swerved off road, and a third gas tanker recently overturned in Kitab, Ibb province.