Bush invites Saleh to G-8 Summit [Archives:2004/741/Front Page]

May 27 2004

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been invited to take part in an event during the G – 8 Summit that will take place in the US next month, an official source said on Saturday.
The official source confirmed that President Saleh has been invited by US President George Bush to participate in an event that will take place on June 9 at the Sea Island, Georgia whose main focus is the US Greater Middle East Initiative for reform and change in the Middle East countries.
Saleh, according to the official source, would highlight the democratic experience in Yemen as well as its efforts in the international coalition to crack down on terrorism.
Egypt and Saudi Arabia announced their boycott of the event. The only Arab countries that were invited to the event are Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan and Algeria.
A statement from the White House spokesman Scott McClellan said “Bush looks forward to a discussion of how the G8 can support political, economic and social freedom in the greater Middle East”. “The President anticipates that the G8 will respond to calls for reform from the region with offers of concrete support that will help reformers.”