Business in brief [Archives:2007/1063/Business & Economy]

June 28 2007

– France to provide nuclear technical support to Yemen

The French president and government has promised president Saleh that France will help Yemen develop a nuclear power plant to generate electricity, and also to desalinate and purify sea water to provide drinking water using nuclear technology.

– European Commission increases Aid to Yemen

The European Commission has decided to increase its developmental funding for Yemen to 81 million euros during the years 2007-2010, the main focus would be in social security, health, fisheries and civil society organizations.

– Yemen to expand Marib refinery

Sources at the Ministry of Oil indicated that the government will invest over US$ 100 million in the expansion of Marib refinery, to increasing its refining capacity from a daily 10,000 barrels to 25.000 barrels.

– Parliament elects anti-corruption committee

While opposition members withdrew from the voting session, parliament members of the General People's congress votes for 11 persons to constitute the anti-corruption committee, most of them are affiliated to the ruling party.

– Yemen & Syria sign free trade cooperation agreement

Yemen & Syria signed a cooperation agreement to activate the technical and administration cooperation agreement between the General Institution of the Syrian free zones and the Aden free zone.

– Locust threatens agricultural production in Marib

Swarms of desert locust are spreading over 60,000 to 90,000 hectares of agricultural land in Marib governorate, threaten the agricultural production of the governorate, FAO plans to launch an eradication campaign on the 28th of June to limit the damage of the locust.