Business In Brief [Archives:2007/1089/Business & Economy]

September 27 2007

– Pilot research increases agricultural production by over 400 percent

A pilot agricultural development project in Sayun has resulted in increasing the production of wheat from 15 tones per hectare to 70 tones per hectare. The Director of agricultural research station in Sayun stated that this resulted from using improved crops which are suitable for the agricultural land and has stronger immunization against diseases.

– Central Bank concludes another training workshop

The Central Bank of Yemen has recently concluded a training workshop for its staff on banking and bank management with special emphasis on the reforms currently undergoing within the central bank. The next training workshop will be held towards the end of upcoming October.

– Investment Authority to increase efficiency in Aden

The General Investment Authority has issued directives in order to reform its Aden office and make it more efficient through the adoption of the one-stop shop service for investors and businessmen in Yemen, as well as enhance the monitoring mechanism in order to follow up the progression of projects and facilitate the work of investors in Aden.

– WB: US$194 million in 2008

The Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Al-Arhabi, stated that the World Bank has allocated the equivalent of US$ 194 million to be spent on development projects during 2008, with special focus on administrative reforms, girls education, road construction among others.

– Dhamar governor invites investments

The Governer of Dhamar, Mansour AbdulRab, has invited businessmen to invest in the governorate, indicating that the governorate still has a lot of potential with several undiscovered assets which can make investments very lucrative, he also emphasized that his administration would do what it takes to ensure that investors are welcomed.

– A new soft drink factory in Lahej

Sources at the General Investment Authority stated that a new license has been issued for a soft drink factory to be established in Lahej governorate, at the cost of 3.6 billion Riyals. The plant will start operation in mid 2009 and is expected to provide 125 direct employment opportunities.