Business in Brief [Archives:2008/1119/Business & Economy]

January 10 2008

– 43 billion Riyals in customs' income during 2007

Director of the customs authority Ali Al-Zubaidi stated that 43.67 billion Riyals is the total customs income during the financial year 2007, with an increase of 7.49 billion compared to income during 2006. He also added that this amount exceeded the expected income by 1.38 billion Riyals during 2007.

– Al-Soufi: 70 percent of wage supplementation str ategy implemented

Minister of civil service Hamoud Al-Soufi has stated that 70 percent of the wage supplementation strategy (second phase) has been completed, adding that delays in implementation were due to technical aspects, calling on government workers not to resort to strikes or similar actions until the ministry sorts out the pending issues for the reminder 30 percent.

– Yemen to establish three trade zones with Saudi and Oman

Director of Industrial zones in the ministry of trade Saleh Al-Sanabani has stated that Yemen will establish three cross-border trade zones with its neighboring Saudi Arabia and Oman. Adding that Al-Mazyouna trade zone is the first one of its kind with Oman and will expand trade channels with the neighboring country.

– Agriculture Ministry warns farmers of using harmful chemicals

The Ministry of Agriculture has conducted a workshop to raise awareness of the negative impacts of using chemicals in agriculture. The workshop discussed the Rotterdam consensus relating to the limiting the use of chemical agents in agricultural productions, due to the negative consequences of these agents on agriculture produce and the health of consumers. A paper presented in the workshop pointed out that the number of chemicals used increased between the years 2004-2006 from 14 to 39 in spite of the ministry's efforts.

– Capital secretariat bans street merchants

Capital secretariat is undertaking a campaign to remove all forms of street trading and unlicensed markets from popular locations in the capital, and force them to move into the designated locations for retail and public markets. Mayor of the capital Dr. Yahya Al-Sho'aibi said that this measure has been done only after the designated locations are ready in order to reduce traffic congestion and to limit the pollution of these markets.

– Hadhramout development and investment expo scheduled

The Hadhramout tourism development and real-estate investment exhibition has been scheduled from the 24 – 26 of March 2008. The exhibition aims at attracting gulf-based investors to invest in the real estate sector in Hadhramout, mainly towards benefiting the tourism industry in the governorate.

– Omani automotive oils to be retailed in Yemen

The Oman Oil Marketing Company has issued a statement indicating that its product line of automotive oils will be distributed in Yemen through its sole agent Nasser General Trading Company. The product line includes engine oil for diesel and gasoline, greasing oils, and other petroleum oil products for automotives.