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May 29 2008

– Wheat production increases by 46 percent in 2007 in Yemen, minister

Yemen's production of wheat increased during 2007 to 218 thousand tones, the state-run has said.

Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Mansour al-Houshabi said the increase was by 46% compared to the prior year.

Opening a training course on the role of prevention in boosting crops production in Yemen particularly in the current changes of dehydration and decreasing underground waters in the region, al-Houshabi stressed the importance of raising awareness among farmers to enhance the production.

He urged the concerned authorities to manage agricultural affairs well and fight insects that may destroy crops.

He also stressed the necessity for benefiting from training courses to raise awareness among farmers to develop agriculture in the country.

Al-Houshabi touched on the ministry efforts to encourage farmers to increase crops production specifically wheat, that come within the framework of the government moves to provide food security.

– Yemen to seek Australian food cooperation

A Yemeni delegation led by minister of Industry and Trade Yahya al-Mutawaki is due to head for Australia next June, the state-run has said.

The delegation, which will include a number of Yemeni businessmen, will discuss with Australian officials mechanisms to allocate wheat amounts to be imported by Yemen annually.

The move comes within the government effort to diversify imported wheat and foodstuffs resources.

The delegation will also discuss with the Australian officials means to forge cooperation between Yemen and the Australian Wheat Council and concerned bodies about crops and foodstuffs trade.

Furthermore, cooperation agreements are expected to be clinched.

– Symposium on prices soaring effects in Yemen to be held on Sunday

Organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade, a symposium on prices soaring and their effects on Yemen will be commenced on Sunday with participation of a number of academics, economists, officials and representatives of donors and civil society organizations.

Entitled “Facing Price Increases is a Joint Responsibility””