Business In Brief [Archives:2008/1213/Business & Economy]

December 4 2008

– Donors met on supporting system of local ruling in Yemen

Deputy Minister of Local Administration Jafar Hamad and resident representative of United Nations Development Program UNDP in Yemen Pratibha Mehta headed on Monday a meeting over a program of supporting decentralization and local development.

The meeting focused on the national strategy of the local ruling which was approved last month and program to carry out the strategy as well as support of donors for the implementation of the strategy.

Hamad reviewed goals of the strategy and phases of preparing it, saying that the strategy aims at establishing local ruling to run local development affectively.

He highlighted support of the donors for the decentralization and local development in Yemen, wishing support for carrying out the strategy.

For her part, the UNDP representative considered the strategy as key step toward enhancing the decentralization in Yemen, pointing out to the important role of the donors in enhancing system of the local ruling in Yemen.

She also pointed out to the current cooperation between the UNDP, donors and the local administration to boost decentralization in the country.

The UNDP official confirmed continuing cooperation in this regard to invite further donors to support efforts of Yemen in decentralization and local ruling.

– Businesswomen's 1st

conference to be organized in December

The first national conference for businesswomen in Yemen is to be held on December 27th.

The conference is to be organized by the General Union of Commercial and Industrial Chambers in coordination with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The General Director of Industrial and Commercial Chambers Mohammed al-Maitami said that the conference aims to know the entire (lawful, administrative and institutional) environment women work in, in addition to overcoming the difficulties the businesswomen face.

Al-Maitami pointed out that the conference will bring to light Yemeni businesswomen, who work in various fields, indicating that several papers will be presented in the conference dealing with the reality of businesswomen's environment.

– IBD contributes to $42 mln to finance development projects in Yemen

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) agreed here on Saturday on contributing to $42 million to finance three development projects in Yemen.

After a talk session, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation signed with the IDB the concluding minute that stipulated the Bank's contribution to financing the second phase of agricultural development in Abyan governorate, the establishment of silos at Salif port of Hodeidah governorate and reducing the vocational illiteracy project.

In addition, Planning Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding for the contribution of the British government and the IDB to finance the project of water Supplies and sanitation in Hotah city of Lahj governorate.