Business objects in the Yemeni Market [Archives:2007/1025/Business & Economy]

February 15 2007

By: Mohammed Esmael Al-Moayed
[email protected]

Business intelligence is a broad category of applications and technology for gathering, accessing and analyzing data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. It is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge about factors such as your customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment, and internal operations to make effective and good quality business decisions.

It's believed that business intelligence, especially from business objects, is one of the best ways for economic development. Furthermore, Yemen has a lot of pressure nowadays from international communities to improve its economy. Economic development is an important task; consequently, decision makers and economists must work to achieve this by adopting new technology, strategies and good planning.

However, Yemeni businesses need reliable information for making decision and planning. For example, the Telecom industry has been developing over the last five years; as result of this we now have three competitors in the market and a new one is opening soon. The banking industry is facing big challenges in the coming years; therefore the private and public sectors in Yemen should seriously consider implementing a Business Intelligence solution to help with these changes.

Business objects solutions can help companies in Yemen in many ways. Every day, business objects customers use information to change the way they do business, becoming more efficient, better managed and more competitive. They innovate by integrating their data, turning it into information, and delivering it widely across and beyond their organization. The ability to take any piece of information and deliver it to where it can be best used-whether it be in the hands of an employee, a supplier, a partner, or a customer)has an amazing power to transform business objects customers' organizations. Business objects exist to enable that transformation.

Business objects is used by all sizes of organizations, from small to mid-size organizations all the way to global enterprises, by: First, CEOs, to align corporate strategy with execution. Next, CFOs, to improve visibility, accountability, predictability, and compliance. Then, CIOs and IT, to drive down costs and provide greater self service to employees, partners, and customers. After that comes line-of-business managers and executives, to analyze performance and track key metrics. Finally, developers, to integrate reporting and analytics into applications.

Business objects provides solutions that help organizations leverage data locked in disparate enterprise systems to drive business performance and innovation. Business objects offer knowledge, services, and technology to: Access, integrate, and improve the data that resides in operational systems (EIM); Turn that data into information and use it to analyze and communicate performance (Core BI); Drive change through goal-setting and strategic planning and budgeting (EPM).

Now, Business Intelligence becomes one of the most concerns in most of the companies and organizations in the world. By Business Intelligence companies and organization will reach the right desicion and good planning for their projects and strategies; on the other hand, Business objects is offering many services in this filed and they are considered as number one to what they can do and to there position in market. Yemen is athirst to this kind of technology, and I am sure dealing with Business Intelligence seriously will improve Yemen rapidly.

Mohammed Esmael Al-Moayed is a Business Intelligence and Business object Consultant at Vegasoft- Yemen