Businessmen Are Also Not Immune to Violence Businessman [Archives:2000/08/Front Page]

January 21 2000

Tawfeeq Al-Khamiry was the victim of a violent assault last Saturday at around 9:30 pm in Al-Zubeiry Street, near the Chinese embassy. He was followed by a car carrying a group of men from Murad tribe, from the Governorate of Marib,  who opened fire on his car and the cars of accompanying bodyguards. They were said to be at least 6 men fully armed with automatic rifles.  He was hit his right thigh while at the same time four of his bodyguards were seriously injured. In the exchange of fire that ensued, one of the attackers was seriously injured and was taken to Al-Thawrah Hospital, another was arrested  and the rest fled. and the the place. Soon later, not about to ignore their captured friend, another group from, who it is said, come from the  same tribe assaulted the Criminal Investigations Jail seeking  to release their captive accomplice.  But his attempt was futile free the captive but failed. 
Al-Khamiry was soon taken to hospital, and is not in serious condition. It is worth noting that Mr. Tawfik Al-Khamiry is a son in law of the Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Abdulla Hussein A-Ahmar.  The incident may have been an attempt to seek blood revenge.  Mr Al-Khamirys brother Nabil0 was once kidnapped and released after payment of a large  ransom said to be in the tune of US $ 500,000.