Businessmen looking to invest in Yemen [Archives:2003/681/Local News]

October 30 2003

Sana’a, Oct. 28- Interest in investment projects in Yemen has been rekindled by a delegation of expatriates with Yemeni roots, who visited Yemen recently in order to make use of facilities and franchises conferred by Expats and Investment Law.
The delegation met the Investment Promotion General Manager at the Ministry of the Expats Affairs. They were informed of diverse investment opportunities and the ministry’s interest to implement the Expatriates Care Law, as well as following up their project by ensuring there are not unnecessary bureaucratic hindrances.
The delegation included expatriates from Indonesia who have visited the country for the first time, including Abood Bawazeer, Zain Abdullah Al-Zuberie, Saleh Abdullah Al-Zuberie, Ewadh Makki, and Yahya Bin Saleh.
The delegation also toured Hadhramout, the city of their forefathers. Some of the delegation confirmed to establish a clothes plant in the city.