Businesswomen in Yemen face obstacles in independent business [Archives:2008/1199/Business & Economy]

October 16 2008

By: Yemen Times Taiz bureau
The involvement of Yemeni women in independent business and their participation in the development process through the establishment of small businesses is limited by some norms in Yemeni society, according to a new study.

Awareness of the importance of women's participation in business is increasing in Yemeni society where a poor economic situation has obliged all members of society – including women- to work in different fields, observers have said.

However, Yemeni social norms still represent an important obstacle to women who run small and larger independent businesses, and prevent their full participation in the development process.

Public opinion varies with regard to Yemeni women's participation in independent business. While some believe that women can be active and successful in independent business, others think that women should concentrate on other tasks.

Rahma Al-Shawish, a journalist, confirms that a woman can make a great success in business, even on the level of huge institutions. She pointed out that a lot of women in Yemen who run private projects and companies in spite of the obstacles they encounter.

“There are obstacles that hinder women from continuing work in independent business