Call for rescuing Palestinians refugees in Iraq [Archives:2007/1037/Local News]

March 29 2007

By: Jamal Al-Najjar
SANA'A, March, 27 ) Several activists and politicians called the Arab leaders and International Community to save around 15.000 Palestinian refugees living in Iraq from torture and murder by militias since the American occupation of Iraq in 2003. This came during a symposium organized by Kana'an Association for Palestine last Tuesday to discuss the situation of Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Yahya Mohammed Abdullah, director of the Kana'an Association, confirmed that Palestinian refugees live in a miserable condition because they are killed and tortured by militias.'' Palestinian refugees have been killed, tortured, kidnapped and turned homeless for four years. We call the Arab Summit, United Nations and Security Council to intervene and find a solution to the refugees' sufferings'', he said.

During the symposium, the Association presented a video-show explaining the terrible life of the refugees in the camps wherein they live in fear of militates, and are subject to poverty and deprived of education.

Khalid Mohammed Khalid, a Palestinian refugee who was able to come to Yemen, showed photos of the refugees' body remains after they were killed and maimed by the militates. The photos illustrate the harshness and malignity that murderers bear against Palestinians. Some bodies were drilled in different parts including head, legs and chest and some parts of the refugees' bodies were cut in a barbarian way.

'' What was seen in these photos is only part of what happens to the Palestinian refugees' in Iraq'', he affirmed, adding, '' Some bodies dissolve in the hospital morgues because they stay for a long time. Their relatives can't even go and take the bodies to bury them for fear the militiaswill kill them''.

Abdullah Al-Hourani, member of Central Council of Palestine Liberation Organization, confirmed that during Saddam's regime Palestinian refugees lived safely but now the situation has changed since Iraq is under American, Zionist and Persian occupation.

''Palestinian refugees are killed without any justification. They are killed and tortured only because they are Arabs and Palestinians. In addition, they are accused of supporting Saddam's regime'', he said.

Al-Hourani maintained that efforts of the Palestinian government can't come out with a solution unless the Arab countries allow them in their countries. ''Arab leaders are able to solve those refugees' problems'', he suggested, adding ''A lot of refugees are camping near the borders of Syria and Jordan; “I don't believe that the Jordanian government is unable to help around seven hundred refugees living in a camp near Jordan and allow them enter the country'', he noted.

Barilla Eyssa, a human rights activist, revealed that Palestinian refugees in Iraq are subjected to massacres by militiasand the only solution to them is to leave Iraq and seek refuge in other Arab countries.'' Those refugees should leave Iraq because they are not protected. The Iraqi government considers them illegal residents and also it refuses to give them any documents that help them stay legally'', she pointed out.

Mohammed Baraka, Chief of Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, confirmed that the Iraqi government should be held accountable for the lives of the refugees. ''In addition to the Iraqi government, America and Iran are responsible for the Palestinian refugees in Iraq because America is the occupation force and Iran approves what happens to the refugees''.